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If you use collapsible tanks such as collapsible water tanks or collapsible storage fuel bladders then these are essentially tanks that will give you more versatility and particularly in the realm of portability when compared to other non-collapsible solutions. Here we will look at what collapsible tanks offer and why they are so useful.

Collapsible tanks are generally used for storage of fuel, water and chemicals and are created using industrial fabrics. This means that unlike metal or plastic storage tanks, these are malleable and versatile and can have their shape altered to fit a range of different materials.

Collapsible tanks come in a variety of different sizes and styles, and different fabrics are available based on the type of liquid being contained. It is highly important to ensure that the fabric used is compatible with material contained and this means ensuring that the material won't dissolve or damage the material of the tanks, and means ensuring that the material also won't contaminate the substance if it is dissolved somewhat.

Collapsible tanks are constructed using fabric welding strategies which include hot air, hot bar and radiofrequency welding. In radiofrequency welding the material is welded using the vibrational energy at high frequencies.

Unlike steel tanks, a collapsible water tank or collapsible diesel tank can easily be transported and then unfolded on-site. This ensures that a collapsible water tank or collapsible oil tank is the logical choice for remote sites, and you are likely to find these storage containers in use in places such as mining exploration camps, temporary installations such as military operations and more. This way the collapsible water tank or collapsible fuel tank can easily be transported to the site, filled with the water or fuel as necessary, used, and then emptied and transported back. This is in contrast to plastic or metal storage tanks which would be very heavy and difficult to transport even when they were empty as well as being cumbersome and difficult to get inside small spaces. This means that a collapsible water tank can save time, man power, fuel costs and a lot of effort and are able to be used in a greater range of applications.

For these reasons it is also important to consider the effect that the environment might have on the fuel tanks. For instance if the fuel tanks are being used somewhere very cold or somewhere very hot, then it is important to make sure that the material of the collapsible fuel tank is made from an insulating material that won't effect the substance. At the same time the material needs to be able to flex and change shape in response to changes in the amount of the material being used, as well as changes in temperature that result in contraction and expansion of the contained fluid.

This is actually something that a collapsible container can boast to a large degree – flexibility – and this also has other advantages – such as making it less susceptible to being bashed or scratched – should something strike the collapsible water tank it will normally just bend and flex in response to that rather than being punctured or breaking.

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A collapsible water tank has lots of advantages for specific applications as well as lots of general benefits. Follow the links for collapsible fuel tanks

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Collapsible Tanks

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Collapsible Tanks

This article was published on 2011/12/12