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When you finally complete the things you need for your freshwater aquarium and you have finished setting it up, one of the most important thing you will need to do is the fish tank maintenance. While it can be a tedious process, depending on the size of your tank and the number of fishes you have, it is essential that you do it so that your freshwater fishes will stay healthy.

As freshwater aquarium owners, fish tank maintenance is an integral part in order to avoid having dilemmas in your fish tank. You have to keep the balance in your aquarium. Once you get the hang of performing it, it will become routinely for you and easier.

By this time, after setting up your fish tank and hopefully completed the cycling process, you would have to establish next fish tank maintenance and regular cleaning. More fishes would mean there would be a higher amount of waste, uneaten food, and particular chemicals. These are the things you need to clean to keep your fishes healthy as they will cause imbalance in your tank's system. Keeping a simple set up would greatly contribute to making it all easier for you.

Fish tank maintenance on a regular basis will keep your set up in its optimum shape. Tank cleaning leads to numerous benefits. Your glass will be kept clear and the water balanced. There would not be an intolerable amount of algae that's dangerous for your fish as well as ammonia. Plus, your water would not appear murky. Always make sure that you only use clean water for cleaning and handle your fishes carefully if you need to transfer them.

Do not forget to also include the filter in your fish tank maintenance. You don't need to do this weekly though. Filters can be cleaned either bi-monthly or once a month. Quickly rinse your filter and everything that you have included in it like the filter pads, activated carbon, and other chips. You don't have to thoroughly clean them as there can be good bacteria deposits in them. The good bacteria help in keeping the levels of ammonia at bay and balancing the nitrates. 

Do maintain a regular schedule for your maintenance and cleaning. You might want to do partial water change on a weekly basis and then a complete cleaning twice a month. It all largely depends on your set up. Research on it and learn more. You can do it on weekends or whenever you have the most time within the week.

Follow an ideal schedule. Some hobbyists tend to clean more than they should and this is not healthy either. You also have to rely on the natural system created within your fish tank. As mentioned earlier, there can be good bacteria deposits there. Cleaning too much also stresses your fishes. You would not want that to happen. You want healthy and happy fishes!

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Fish Tank Maintenance

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This article was published on 2010/04/03