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There are plenty of water tanks that are scattered all over the city and businesses are interested in the wooden ones for their billboard like advertisements. Ideally meant for tap and sprinkler systems, these tanks have been around since the eighties.

With more than 9,000 tanks in New York City alone, there are two family owned companies that are responsible for this kind of work and their efforts have reached cities like Boston and Chicago to name a few. It is only as of recent when they decided to use these tanks for advertising purposes.

What you have here is something that reflects New York City. In this case, you want people taking notice.

There are lots of tanks in the city but these fail to get the attention of passersby. Forgotten is how the chief of operations for the New York City Fire Department described these tanks.

Since the 1890s, one of the companies that are responsible for these tanks have been doing what they do. Beginning in 1896, this company which is run by a father and son team has been able to reach millions in revenues. For the son, a day of working means going all over the city.

Actually, these tanks have been very useful to those who have made use of them and continue to make use of them. When it comes to these tanks, one of the great things about them is that they do not need any kind of electrical power for them to be able to provide you with water.

Some of the people who rely on these tanks are firemen. The water that can be found in these tanks originates from the underground pipes of the city.

With one pipe strategically located up top, on the bottom of the tank is a second pipe that acts as a straw in a glass. In this case, the standpipe system of a building is what one of the straws is for. In this case, it is possible for automatic refills to happen because of the existence of an electric sensor.

In terms of temperature control, what you want when it comes to this is a tank that is made out of wood. When it comes to the subject of insulation capacity, 3 inches of wood can be compared to 30 inches of concrete according to the engineer son.

Another great thing about these tanks when it comes to the city government is that they can save a lot of money from cleaning and painting costs for these only have to be cleaned once a year and painted not once in a five year period. It is the sizes of the tanks that range from 3,500 gallons to 50,000 gallons. An average 10,000 gallon tank would cost about $25,000 to erect.

The way this tank is fabricated starts out with staves or wooden panels for the sides and then these are supported by galvanized iron hoops after which water is used to start the expansion of the wood which leads to a seal that is very tight. In this case, what the reservoir contains is water that is uncontaminated. There are brick houses that covered some of these tanks up.

Yet a look up from almost any New York street will yield numerous sightings of the conical cisterns. Here, you will be able to garner the attention of consumers.
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Going With Water Tanks

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This article was published on 2011/01/27