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There is no doubt that the craze for Mini RC (remote control) tanks is in full swing and the fantastic gadgets are great for people of all ages. For your information, RC tanks that shoot plastic pellets are called airsoft tanks and add that extra effect that people love and mini RC tanks are electric powered and come fully assembled and ready to run. Order 2-4 RC tanks and you will enjoy separate radio frequencies for exciting battle tank fun and maximal RC thrill.


You know, mini RC tanks move by radio control and go forwards, backwards and can climb steep terrains and slopes. Mini RC tanks are made of plastic with metal parts throughout and are reasonable tough, most PRO version tanks have upgraded metal tracks with rubber treads attached to them and give a great pull and look so real. Every detail on these mini RC tanks make them so cool like, a commander figure in tank hatch and lights, sounds markings, guns and even a metal gearbox is now very common. Mini RC tanks can do battle together or with other tanks, if you have pre select channels you select a different channel to other tank and you're ready to roll. These normally run on 27mhz to 40mhz and most have pre select channels on the radio controller.  You can also paint your mini RC tank to suit or personalize your own design and heng long make quality pro RC tanks with all these great features. Either way you're going to have totally awesome fun with a radio controlled tank and some guys build there own battle ground and add some army figures and create a battle zone.


By the way, most operational tanks that have engaged in battles use EV Warrior motors with about 9:1 reduction ratio operating at 12 VDC. Only one operational tank uses 24 VDC. Most tanks weigh 80 to 100 pounds. Most drive motors pull about 10 to 20 A current each and produce top speed from about 3 to 5 mph. Motors should each provide about 400 in.lbf torque on nominal 4 inch DIA drive sprockets for full-skid turns. Almost all tanks use forward/off/reverse control with mixing for single joystick operation of two tracks. Only two operational tanks use proportional speed control. Due to cost considerations, most tanks currently use home-made controllers. A few have tried commercial controllers designed for BattleBots or small industrial vehicles.The bottom line is that there is no best solution for everyone. You must select whether you absolutely need proportional speed control and are ready to pay the price, or if the lower cost and simplicity of forward/off/reverse control is better for your RC tank.


Well, if you are crazy about RC toys, you'd better not miss the refreshing mini RC tanks which never fail to let RC fans down.  I bet you will take an interest in the marvelous mini RC tanks and all the more have a good mind to get one and relish in your favorite mini RC tank.



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Mini RC Tank, Maximal RC Thrill

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This article was published on 2010/09/17