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Availability of the performance analyzer can provide useful information to the gamers so that they can fine tune the skills on the application.

The world of tanks is a multiplayer game, where people try different strategies to outfox each other.  One can use the tanks according to their requirements and specifications for beating the opponents.

Tools for boosting the performance:

 One can use the application which compares the vehicle side by side on different parameters such as the armor and the fire power.  You can access the German panther tank and analyze its firepower as well as the view range. 

In addition to the tool, weak spots analyzer is the best application to find the weakness of the opponents. The vehicles are rated on five categories that include battle tier, same type battle tier, same type and tier, same tier and the clan war mode.  All tanks have excellent slope on the front and spaced armor on the sides. It helps to maneuver the machine whilst playing the game.  With the high alpha rate and excellent front turret armor, the tank can bounce of the shots with amazing ease.

There are many cons of the vehicle which are mentioned by the analyzer.  Slow turning and low rate of fire could be an obvious handicap for the gamers. Although the frontal armor is very tough, it depends on the slope which might not be able to effectively block the volley of fire.  Some of the cons also include slow acceleration and poor mobility. You can also have a sneak preview of the gun and ammunition database where you would find the arsenals for every tank model.  There are different attributes for each gun that include the manufacturing nation, Ammo, penetration and the damage it causes.  Price is also mentioned in the data base and players can accordingly select the tank. Information about the different tanks from various countries is also available to the users for gaming reference.

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Performance analyzer

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Performance analyzer

This article was published on 2013/07/20