Underground Tanks: Installation And Maintenance

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One type of plants that are used from the '60s but whose protection and maintenance has been regularized slavishly last decade alone is surely that the underground tanks. These tanks specially designed to be placed under the Earth's surface are used primarily for fuel distribution, namely the refueling points, or also in large industries where there is a need for storage of large quantities of materials and combustible substances. Their diffusion has occurred during the '60s, think that only in the Veneto are over 20,000 underground tanks installed those surveyed not counting those that were installed before the legislation that has marked the census and the unified the peculiar management for installation. And was precisely the lack of regulation that made clear the need to monitor the installation and operation. And this has become a basic necessity: just think of the environmental impact that may have a leak in the tank of a filling station and is a clear need for rules that are respected by all and are enforced by all.

In Italy is the ANPA the responsible organization for implementation of the census and the construction of the computerized land registry with the close cooperation of regional authorities responsible for this retrieval of data. In addition to the census of that plant facilities needed over the years has been their maintenance has undergone a very strict law that aims to standardize all procedures and standardizing the required characteristics and conditions of use. Usually there are companies that deal exclusively with those procedures that are certified by local and therefore obliged to follow the specific steps for remediation of underground tanks.
Regarding the installation of new systems, too, is now marked by legislation at every stage so that the tanks are inspected directly from the external surface plates by drawing attention to the substance contained within it, the capacity and the latest revision.

The new tanks it must be designed, constructed and installed bearing in mind the structural integrity during operation, containment and leak detection in an immediate way and must allow for the possibility of carrying out the checks required by law. With regard to the physical characteristics of the underground tanks must be double-wall system with continuous monitoring of the interspaces, and the walls must be made of metal and corrosion of pipes to the contrary that have to be in non-metallic material.

Surely when you need to install these types of systems becomes crucial call upon the expertise of a company that specializes in these types of facilities and their remediation sure it is certified and can provide appropriate assistance in cleaning the tanks and also guarantees compliance law and the environment around us.

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Underground Tanks: Installation And Maintenance

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This article was published on 2010/10/13