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You can have a household asset in the form of a water heating tank and all you have to do is give it the proper care and attention. The modern water tank operates automatically, thus, the amount of effort needed in caring for it should be quite minimal. Any form of rust is never good and this is why you should avoid galvanized metal tanks.

When a tank is made out of galvanized metal then it will have sides which are rough and these sides attract the sediments from the water. Longer lasting, but more expensive, is the copper tank. Other than having a rust-free tank, you will never worry about sediment deposits when it comes to this.

Another type of water tank is that which is lined with glass. Internally, this tank has a porcelain-like shield. You should consider every possible option when it comes to these tanks.

To be on the safe side, do consider regular draining when it comes to your tank. As much as possible, the water should be drained out completely. Do not use any hot water on your tank for several hours prior to draining because this will cause the sediment to settle to the bottom of the tank.

A cool tank would be better at this point. When heating, consider a limit of 140 degrees. Here is where you should only turn up the thermostat when the need for hot water arises.

Here, the shut off controls are very important as well. Here, you need separate valves for the hot and cold water. In this case, if your tank is operated with gas, have a shut off control for it.

In this case, see where the off button is. Another thing to look for is a safety valve. When it comes to this valve, it should be automatic.

Make certain that a pipe leads directly from this valve and that it points to the floor and not horizontally where steam and hot water might spray out over objects and people.

To fix a problem with leaks, all you need are a set of plugs or a toggle bolt and a heavy washer. A leaking tank can mean that serious problems are up ahead.

Here, you might want to address a serious seam issue. Do not neglect a leak as it can lead to something major.
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Water Tanks

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This article was published on 2011/01/27