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When I just thought there’s no suitable MMORPG for me to pass the time after the dull OBT of FFXIV and as DUCO’s beta test still has a way to go, I found a mail inviting me to join World of Tanks’s beta. With nothing else to do, I downloaded the game, and tried it out. Just like Columbus discovered the New World, I surprisingly couldn’t help falling in love with the game. No matter how busy, I’d enter the game every night, and enjoy it even for only half an hour.

World of Tanks (WOT) even reminded me of my college life when I spent leisure time playing Counter Strike (CS) with roommates every day. It was great! Through my recommendation, more and more friends are taking part in WOT’s closed beta, in the company of more and more heated discussion. What on earth is the charm of WOT? Please allow me to make an analysis of it from different angles!


This is the biggest selling point of WTO. After entering Garage for the first time, you may be surprised to find that the development team had listed all the data related to your tanks and made you feel like you’re playing a stand-alone flight simulation game, just as I was. With the Tech Tree, upgraded tanks or different types of tanks will come out gradually, making you able to enjoy such vehicle’s growing power.

More importantly, these data correspond to certain meanings. For example, the thickness of the tank’s hull armor and turret armor varies a lot in the front, side and rear parts. In real battles, it’s stupid to attack the opponent tank at the front side, since the tank’s front armor is usually the thickest and the hardest to break, but it’s considered wise to approach the opponent’s side or rear part, and then launch attacks, so as not to waste ammo. Particularly, when you’re facing a heavy tank with heavy armors in a light or medium tank, it’s very important to take advantage of your tank’s speed and avoid being fatally attacked at the front side. Additionally, skilled gamers may also choose to destroy the opponent tank’s caterpillar or ammo store first, so as to make it unable to move or attack and then attack it easily. All these can be realized with the help of the sighting telescope.

Players can even feel the speed difference when fighting on different terrains. Regardless of the tank’s horsepower, it’s considered good enough to reach half of the normal speed when driving on an uphill road. Everything on the battlefield like trees and houses can be destroyed by tanks, but if you’re driving a light tank, never try to ruin a house as if you were driving a heavy tank, otherwise it’s your caterpillar that may be broken first.


During the test, only the tanks from Germany and the Soviet Union are open to gamers, with those from the US to be made available in the future. Most of the tanks from all the countries involved in the 2nd World War are integrated in the game, covering light, medium and heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and SPGs (self-propelled guns), and different types of tanks correspond to different roles in wars. Players can use the Tech Tree to develop/upgrade the tanks according to their particular gaming styles, and buy their favorite ones from the store.

After buying a tank, you can attach it with other equipment or trainers, and endow it with unique features according to your preferences and gaming styles. This just makes the result of the war more unpredictable after Random Match, and is expected to bring you more gaming fun.


This point just follows Diversity. After pressing the “Battle” button, the Random Match system will ask you to team up with others, and after matching, both a battle between two parties with tanks at the same armor level (e.g. all are light tanks, lvl I-VI) and an all-out battle between two parties with tanks at different armor levels (e.g. from light tanks to heavy tanks, lvl III-X) are possible. Such mode will lead to different tactics and strategies even on the same map. For instance, melee attacks are usually launched in the battle between two forces with tanks at the same armor level, and what matters is whether each small team’s members can cover each other and fire effectively. Meanwhile, different tactics will come out in the case of the battle between two forces with tanks at different armor levels. Maybe, both parties will have their respective light tanks march into the opponent’s base first by means of such tank’s advantage in speed and for the sake of important info like the opponent’s tank layout, and fatally attack the opponent by use of SPGs from a far distance with the medium & heavy tanks following the light ones, and then either occupy the opponent’s base with victory or kill the foes in one go with victory. Surely, it’s also feasible to have heavy tanks lead the troop and attract the opponent to fire, and make the medium & light ones launch sneak attacks.

Different terrains also require different strategies. For example, in the area with abundant laneways, light tanks should be careful enough so as not to encounter heavy tanks. On the contrary, wider areas are more favorable to faster tanks, and SPGs and tank destroyers need to be covered by tanks in the area without shades. In the game’s latest test version, teaming up is made available to gamers by, and it’s expected that more complicated and diverse tactics will be generated in the near future.


WOT is absolutely a must for the pure fans of 2nd World War, and should be able to suit the military enthusiasts’ taste no matter in terms of the tank design or the battlefield settings. Though the developer tried its best to optimize the game physically and realistically, there’s still certain room left for ordinary gamers to enjoy themselves. For example, when shooting, players only need to aim at the target and fire without having to worry about the factors like angle and wind direction. If you’re an FPS fan, WOT must bring you special shooting fun that you’ve never achieved before. The fairly efficient Random Match system can even stop you from waiting for each battle’s start stupidly. Normally, each battle takes no more than 30 minutes to end, which is definitely good news for those who can afford to play games for only 1-2 hours every day.

Don’t suspect the fun of tank vs. tank! Just take a try, or you’ll miss much precious gaming time as I used to.

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World of Tanks Review

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    hellkitchen- 2011/01/19 20:38:47 pm

    This is not about how the experience ingame was. This is more about how does the service desk / moderators of there forums operate. To be honest I have no words for it and no it is absolutely not because they are so awesome good. It's the opposite of that... When ever there is maintenance there are users crying etc etc. So I type a famous sentence from an Australian comic called Chopper Reid. I will not type this sentence in here because I do not know if it's allowed on this forum. Instead of the F-word I mix the characters a bit and use that instead of the F-word. I receive a so called convo (email on and with forum support) that I am using swear words. I never typed the F-word as how it's spelled. I think to myself this is over reacted. So I reply to the "super moderator" and say that his actions make him nothing but a forum troll. Pats - BOEM - OINK I go from 3 days read-only access to 14 days of read-only access. A new reply from me explaining what I did and that the F-word mixed characters was used deliberately instead of the right notation of the F-word. That was not true was there opinion. It was swearing they said... As you already understand I did not accept that. The "super moderator" writes:" obey / follow our rules or your not the person we want in this game..." I dare him to ban me. He/she/it invites somebody to the 'convo' after asking several times he/she/it finally admits he/she/it invited a superior admin (according to them head of customer service of WoT. I check out the person and it seems they are personal friends in the game. So there is reason enough to argument that his/her/it opinion is heavy biassed. They start to put the pressure on me that I will loose my account and won't be able to play it. I should stop now or they have no choice to ban me. Suddenly I see a big ray of golden light shine on my head and I receive a divine idea... I start begging them for terminating my account / suspending it as they call it. The idea behind it is short and logical. I do not want to associate with WoT in any way nor for any reason. WoT does not stand for World of Tanks; WoT means in my book Well over the Top. Conclusion: - WoT is very proud to be seen as a global game. It isn't. - WoT thinks that they can dictate everybody out there. - WoT say they have a high and independent end-user desk that is end-user friendly. Believe me they are not. I could go on and on about it but I reckon you all get my drift. For the ones that do not believe me I have the whole conversation / mail exchange. I can prove what I wrote.

This article was published on 2010/09/29