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In this World of Warcraft Paladin Guide I'll show you how to play the three main play styles on this Warcraft class.

There are 3 main roles the Paladin can fill. They are the roles of healer, tank, and DPS. However, it's best to find the right balance based on your playing style since doing all of these roles will mean you won't be really good at any of them. In fact it may be a good idea to specialize in just one of these roles.

Once you've leveled past level 10 its time to decide which talent build to have. The 3 builds we'll look at in this World of Warcraft Paladin Guide are Tankadin, Retadin, and Healadin. However you want to have some talent and gear for the other roles just in case you need to fill a different role in a group than what you specialize in.

Paladin guide- Specialties

Tankadin- Tank Paladin

Tankadins are the tanks in a group. Tankadins' get their threat from being able to cause Holy Damage and from being hit. Unlike other tanks, Tankadins are worse at taking slow hits but better at taking fast hits.

One major challenge of Tankadins is that their abilities last only a short time so you'll need to learn to manage them really well.

Retadin- Retribution Paladin

Retadins are the build of choice for PvP. One major challenge here is managing all your gear such as your most important +Attack Power. The better you manage your gear the more effective you'll be.

Don't engage in multi combat, or use potions and auras too soon when you play the Retadin build. Also avoid the fast but low damage weapons and opt for the ones that cause the most damage.

Healadin- The Healer

If you like playing more of a support role in a group then this is a good build for you. The Healadin is the healer role. Healadins, unlike other healers, can take a beating in battle and still heal. But because of time needed to perform the healing spell make sure you choose who to heal and when very carefully. In a 5 man instance choose the tank as they should be the priority. After the tank usually the priority would be the AOE DPS, DPS and so on.

Here are heals you have:

• Holy Shock- This is an Instant heal but it has a high mana cost and takes a long to cool down.
• Flash of Light- Its Fast, but doesn't heal very much.
• Holy Light- Heals better than Flash of Light but takes longer.
• Lay of Hands- Varies in time and healing

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World of Warcraft Paladin Guide

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